Fine Life Horses & Ponies

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About us

Fine Life Horses and Ponies is a small-scale breeding farm.  We are breeders of a select few fine quarter horses, Arabian horses, and welsh ponies.

We put in great effort to research all of our breeding decisions with the hope to produce individuals with great minds, athleticism, and beauty.

We strive to raise happy horses.  We wish for our horses to be fully capable of being the finest of companions for their owners, while having full potential to be world-class show horse performers as well.

We aim to keep our herd numbers to the level where each individual receives the attention to have every need met, including personalized nutrition plans, and the finest veterinary, dental, and farrier care.


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Our location

Although we are located in Washington State, we are capable of working with out-of-state clients as well. We pride ourselves on being flexible and helpful in the sale and transport of our horses.


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Our process

If you are interested in a particular horse, please reach out to us through the contact form, or call 509-263-4554. 



A Few words of gratitude to our hayfarming division:

I'm amazed at how much science, and how much art, there is to the business of farming hay. 

Mike continues his dad's and grandfather's before him, tradition of quality hay farming. It's a consuming endeavor. A half-hearted effort wouldn't be fruitful of even half-hearted results. It demands an all-or-nothing commitment. And the physical demand is something that I think only those who've ever partaken in the job could truly understand. It's a brotherhood. 

There's something to be said for these farmers willing to devote so much effort to ensure that their animals will be fed quality food during the hardest time of year. Our animals depend on the spirit of these men, and I am truly grateful.

-Sandra Sicilia